Notes of Catherine II, Empress of Russia


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  Catherine II  (Imp, 1729-1796).    
Notes of Catherine II, Empress of Russia / Trans. with fr. [and pref. P.I. Barteneva?]. - 2 nd ed. - Leipzig: E.L. Kasprowicz, 1876 (Naumburg:). - 344 s. ; 18. - (International Library, T. 15). - In the Att .: 1. Letters to. K. Petr Fedorovich, found a year ago in Moscow (in French and in Russian). 2. Letter from Catherine II to Poniatowski. 3. Four letters from Catherine II to the girl Levshina .
1. Catherine II (Empress of Russia, 1729 - 1796) - Memories, memos, etc. 2. Power (collection).
ББК 63.3 (2) 513-8ю14
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