gold ring of Russia

The Golden Ring of Russia [Maps]: photo guide. - [M-would be different]. - [Vladimir: b. and., 2007]. - 1 к.: Цв., 8 доп. maps, text, photo, ill., decree. ; 85 x 55. - Two-sided. printing. - Additional. maps: The combined circuit of the route; Pereslavl-Zalessky. Central part ; Rostov. Central part ; Yaroslavl. Central part ; Kostroma. Central part ; Uglich. Central part ; Suzdal. Central part ; Vladimir. central part .
1. The Golden Ring of Russia. 2. Orthodox churches and cathedrals - Russia - European part - Guidebooks. 3. "The Golden Ring of Russia" - Guides. 4. Photos are documentary.
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The source of electronic copy: Vladimir OUNB
The original storage: Владимирская ОУНБ
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