Map of the Vladimir province

Map of the Vladimir province. Factories and plants [Map] / Administration and the Legislature. Coll. Vladimir. region., State. archive Vladimir. reg. [and etc.]. - The reprint. reproduction. [Vladimir]: Typo-lithograph of the Vladimir provincial government, [1902]. - [1: 63,000], 15 miles in English. inch. - Vladimir: Niva, 2002. - 1 to.: Color. ; 48 x 62. - To the 100th anniversary of the release of the first industrial map of the Vladimir province (1902). .
1. Industrial enterprises - Vladimir province - beg. 20 cent. - Maps. 2. Geographical maps. 3. Economic maps.
ББК Кр.26.890 (2РоФ344-4Вл) я64
ББК 65.03 (28-8Вла) 53я64
The source of electronic copy: Vladimir OUNB
The original storage: Владимирская ОУНБ
Publisher Нива
Catalogue object
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