Map of cotton growing in Turkestan

Map of cotton growing in Turkestan [Maps]: 1926 / Komis. by expl. natures. produces. forces of the USSR under the Acad. the sciences of the USSR (KEPS); comp. IN AND. Yuferev. - 1: 4 200 000, 420 km in 1 cm, heights are given in meters. - Leningrad: publication of the Commission for the Study of the Natural Productive Forces of the USSR at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR: Gublit, 1926. - 1 к.: Цв. - Cartographer. grid through 2 °. - Debt. from Pulkovo. - Usl. designations: experienced institutions N.K.Z. ; Experimental and breeding institutions of cotton organizations; seed farms of cotton organizations; lands of existing irrigation and cotton growing; cotton land (2 grams). - 1500 copies. .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Cotton-growing - Turkistan - Maps. 3. Geographic maps.
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Source of electronic copy: Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan
Location on the original: ЦНБ АН АН Республики Tajikistan
Publisher издание Комиссии по изучению естественных производительных сил СССР при Академии наук СССР Гублит
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