Kiev. City theater


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Kiev. City Theater [Izomaterial]: species photography. - Kiev: Lighting by S. V. Kulzhenko, [beg. XX century.]. - Lighting (phototype); 15,3x23,5; 11.5x16. - Reference data are established according to the edition ..: Київ Кульженків = Kiev Kulzhenko: Photo Album / Victoria Velichko. - К .: Sidorenko VB, 2010. - Below the right is the signature: Svetotechat S.V. Kulzhenko. Kiev. - View of the facade of the theater with a view to the Bolshaya Vladimirskaya Street. - Nested in the folder with zagl. "Views of Kiev" with 11 other species photos. - Horizontal image .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Kiev, city (Ukraine) - beginning. 20 cent. - Species photos.
1. Theater. 2. city. 3. phototype
ББК 63.3 (4Укр-2Киев) 5
It was built in 1901 on the site of a theater that burned down in 1896, with the French renaissance of the type designed by the architect V. Schreter. The new theater had 1667 seats for spectators and had one of the largest theater scenes in the Russian Empire (44x17 m). In the 1980s. reconstruction of the theater. Today there is the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine. T. Shevchenko (National Opera of Ukraine).
Source of electronic copy: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Location of original material: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Издательство Светопечать С. В. Кульженко
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