Kiev. Khreshchatyk


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Kiev. Khreshchatyk [Izomaterial]: species photography. - Kiev: Lighting by S. V. Kulzhenko, [beg. XX century.]. - Lighting (phototype); 15,3x23,5; 11,1х15,4. - Reference data are established on the edition: Kiev Kulzhenkiv = Kiev Kulzhenko: Photo Album / Victoria Velichko. - К .: Sidorenko VB, 2010. - Below the right is the signature: Svetotechat S.V. Kulzhenko. Kiev. - View of the street Khreshchatyk from Bessarabskaya Square. - Nested in the folder with zagl. "Views of Kiev" with 11 other species photos. - Horizontal image .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Kiev, city (Ukraine) - beginning. 20 cent. - Species photos.
1. The street. 2. city. 3. phototype
ББК 63.3 (4Укр-2Киев) 5
Khreshchatyk from the late XIX - early XX centuries. - the main street of Kiev with large profitable houses, banks, hotels. On the first floors there were numerous shops, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Some houses in this part of Khreshchatyk have been preserved. The street itself was reconstructed.
Source of electronic copy: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Location of original material: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Издательство Светопечать С. В. Кульженко
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