A short Russian roadman,


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Brief Russian road worker,: Alphabetical order of the names of all cities; located in the Russian Empire; With the indication of the separation of provincial cities from both capitals, and others from provincial cities; with the value of what is paid in postal amts from letters and packages from the lot, and from parcels from the pound for postage. - In St. Petersburg: It is printed in the printing house Iv. Glazunov, 1808. - 47, [1] p. : tab. ; 8 ° (20 cm). - Appl. to: Ruban V.G. A new messenger and a guide-book ... - St. Petersburg, 1793. - With the same set printed in the ed. "The general secretary, or the complete letter-writer ..." - The fourth edition "(1808.- Part 2. - S. 1 - 47 (3rd pag.). See SK XIX 4062. - The authorship was erroneously attributed to VG. Rubanu - Consolidated Catalog of the Russian Book of 1801-1825 - Also included is the timetable for the work of post offices (pp. 35-42), the rules for giving horses to the passing ones (pp. 43 - 45) and rules for "station officials and postmen" (p. 46-47). .
1. The inhabited places - Russia - 19th century. - Guides.
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