Lectures on World History. 4. History of the New Ages

Petrov, Mikhail Nazarovich (1826-1887).    
Lectures on World History: [T. 1-5] / Prof. MN Petrov ([d]] on Jan. 23, 1887). - Ed. 2 nd, corrected. and additional. - St. Petersburg: Type. M. M. Stasyulevich, 1904-1910. - 5 tons; 25 cm. -
Total. zagl. 5 th t: Supplement to the lectures on the world history of prof. M.N. Petrova; before zagl. aut .: PN. Ardashev, prof. Un-ta St. Vladimir. Indication of repetition ed. is missing.
Bibliogr. at the beginning of chapters and notes.
I. Ardashev, Pavel Nikolaevich (1865-1922). II. Berezovsky, V ..
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T. 4: History of the New Ages: (From the Westphalian World to the Convention) / ... Corr. and additional. in the treatment of prof. V.P. Buzescula. - 1905. - X, 248 p. .
I. Buzeskul, Vladislav Petrovich (1858-1931).
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