Leningrad / [Leningr. mountains. Council of Working People's Deputies, com., Architectur. Planning. Exercise. ; Otv. Ed. NV Baranov; Fot. A. S. Rakhmilovich; Artists. V. A. Kamensky]. - Leningrad; Moscow: Art, 1943. - 404 p. : ill. -
Contents: Architectural and planning review of the city development (pp. 7-84): City development in the XVIII century / SM Zemtsov; Development of the city in the XIX century / AG Yatsevich; Development of the city from 1917 to 1935. / B.R. Rubanenko; General plan for the development of Leningrad / NV Baranov; Illustrations (pp. 85-395) .
I. Zemtsov, S.M. II. Yatsevich, A.G. III. Rubanenko, B. R. .. IV. Baranov, N. V. .. V. Rakhmilovich, A. S. .. VI. Kamensky, V.A. VII. Leningrad. City Council of Working People's Deputies. Executive committee. Architectural and planning management.
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Original location: Museum-library "Books of the Siege of the City"
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