Curious months of the year in 1775,


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  Ruban, Vasily Grigorievich  (1742-1795).    
Curious months of the year 1775: Impressive and for all the simple summer, except for the high, the numbers, or the days of the months, according to the old and new style, that is, the Greco-Russian and the Gregorian, the Germans and all the almost Europe used, such as the Zhid, the Turkish, the ancient Roman, or the current scholar of the month. : With the inclusion of the annals and other memorabilia, such as Historical and geographical news, various tracts and other. / Published in the light, for the benefit of Russians Vasily Ruban. - In St. Petersburg: [Type. Acad. Sciences], 1775. - [208] p. ; 8. - "Mesyatsoslov" nopech. at the expense of VG Ruban. According to his testimony (see "Advocacy" to "Moscow Curious Monthsuit for 1776"), ed. was successful and went away before the end of the year. - Titus. l. and S. [55] there are two var. Var.1: the words "published into the light, for the benefit of Russians" in the tit. l. napec. a new line; var.2 - are a continuation of the previous paragraph. Var.3 - on page [55] is admitted to the guard. - Missing the name. VII, sect. ("The title of the monasteries of the Greek-Greek confession in the Belorussian provinces" and the first monastery). Var.4: The typo is corrected. - SK XVIII. - On the hierarchy of the Russian: [Art.] (S. [28-38]); The historical news about the diocese of Mogilev in White Russia is composed, and about the dioceses in Poland of the former pious, i.e. Greeks' confession, which are converted by Romans to Union, or union with the Roman Church. Compiled by the Pride of the Kings [on] Piskop M [ogilevsky] M [Stislavsky] and O [rshan]: [St.] (S. [39-54]); The distance from Saratov of all colonies on both sides of the Volga lying in which the foreigners summoned to Russia are stationed in the office of the Office of the Guardianship of Foreign, with the order of the alphabet, the titles of those colonies as there are families in them, and on which the side of the Volga stands: [Art. ] (S. [59-62]) .
1. Calendars of the church - 1775. 2. Mesyatseslovy.
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