Materials for the future history of Siberia and references [ML] Mikhailova


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Materials for the future history of Siberia and links [ML] Mikhailova. - Leipzig: E.L. Kasprovich, 1881; 1881 (Weimar: type H. Usman). - 88 sec. ; 19. - (International Library, Vol. 25). - Ver. also on it. yaz. - In the collection. included: an article by M.I. Veniukova, first published. in addition. sheet "Bells" 1867, 1 Aug. under zagl. "Notes on the future history of our conquests in Asia"; documents on the situation of workers at state-owned factories in Siberia (from the Journal of the Court, 1859, p. 3); article about M.I. Mikhailov: "After the death of A.I. Herzen and the Tobolsk affair (from The Bell, 1863, sheet 169, 1869, sheet 218) .
1. Prison, penal servitude and exile - Siberia - 18th century .. 2. Siberia - History - 19. ..
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