The driver of the first class. [N. A. Lunin]

Efetov, Mark Semenovich (1907-1996).    
The driver of the first class. [N. A. Lunin] / M. Efetov. - Moscow: publishing house of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (Profesdat), 1946. - 62, [2] p. : portr. ; 17 cm. - (Heroes of socialist labor). -
Cover name: N.A. Lunin. The author is not indicated on the cover.
1. Lunin, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1915-1968). 2. West-Siberian Railway. 3. Tomsk Railway. 4. The people (the collection). 5. Territory (collection). 6. West-Siberian Railway (collection). 7. Steam locomotives - Stakhanov's methods of work. 8. The Lunin movement. 9. Stakhanov movement on the. ..
ББК 39.20г
ББК 63.3 (253) 6-8
Source of electronic copy: Novosibirsk GONB
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West Siberian Center of STI and bib-to West-Siberian Railway
Publisher издательство ВЦСПС Профиздат
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