Moscow Province

Moscow Province [Maps]. - [1: 159,600], 38 miles in English. inch (1, 6 km in 1 cm). - SPB: Maps. head. D. Rudnev, [1913]. - 1 in.: Color. - Cartographer. grid through 1 °. - Without relief. - Usl. signs: borders: state, provinces. and obl., uyezd. and circles. ; roads: railways, highways with bridges, postal stations, transport, lanes, bunkers; telegraph and station; water: rivers and lakes; people. points on adm. division and quant. residents (9 gr.), trade-prom. points; factories and plants. - Coat of arms of Moscow province .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Moscow region: pages of history (collection). 3. Moscow Province - Geography - Maps. 4. Geographic maps.
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Source of electronic copy: Tverskaya OUNB
The original storage area: Tverskaya OUNB
Publisher Карт. зав. Д. Руднева
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