On the collection of plants for the herbaria of the Tobol flora

Ivanovsky, V.A.    
On the collection of plants for the herbarium of the Tobolsk flora: guidelines for beginners / comp. V. A. Ivanovsky; Tobolsky Provincial Museum. - 2 nd ed., Revised and additional. -Tobolsk: Type. The Eparch. Brotherhood, 1910. -102 with .. -
Nopech. by order of the Tobolsk Gub. museum from 20 December. 1909
Contents: About the herbarium of the Tobol flora; On the rational herbarium in the application of her to the study of the flora of the Tobolsk province; The tools and adaptations necessary for collecting higher plants; Time, place and methods of collecting higher plants; Special special instructions for ways of collecting some of the higher plants; Drying of higher plants; Labeling and conservation of dried higher plants; The definition of higher plants and the use of their collected collection; Collecting deciduous mosses: collecting, drying, storing and identifying them; Collecting lichens: collecting, drying, storing and identifying them; Collecting of hepatic mosses and some of the fungi in connection with observations on the collection of lower spore plants in general. - A short alphabetical index (p. 102). - Bibliograf. in the text.
I. Tobolsk Province Museum. Territory of Russia: Tyumen region (collection). 2. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 3. Plants - Tobolsk province. 4. Herbarium - Compilation - History.
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Source of the electronic copy: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Тип. Епарх. Братства
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