Description of the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Description of the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg. - [Moscow]: [Univ. type.], [1775]. - 16 p., 1 l. to.; 8. - It is printed, probably, in 1775, tk. in the "Moscow Gazette" for 1775 (No. 104) is ed. is mentioned among the "newcomers". - In this ed. reproduced with minor modifications of the text of Acad. ed. "Descriptions of the road from St. Petersburg to Moscow" in 1767, but in reverse order geogr. points. P.16 verbatim reprinted the statement of the decree of 1762, erroneously dated in this ed. 1767 Geogr. the map is the same as in Acad. ed., but in the lower left corner is engraved the name: "The route from Moscow to St. Petersburg." - SK XVIII .
1. Petersburg-Moscow highway.
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