Description map 1924 Yakutsk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Gerasimov, A.S.    
Description map 1924 Yakutsk Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic / AS Gerasimov; Ed. Party on the research of the rivers of the Lena and Baikal basins of the Administration of the waterways of Siberia on behalf of and the means of the Council of People's Commissars Ya. A. S. S. R. - Leningrad: [type. Morse. departments], 1924. -46 p. -
Contents: adj. from. 31-46: List of historical and literary sources used in the compilation of the map of Yakutsk AS SS R .. - Bibliogr. in the comment
I. Party for the study of the Lena River basin (1911) .1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): pages of history (collection). 3. Cartography - History - Sakha (Yakutia), Republic.
ББК 26.17г (2Рос.Яку)
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