The hunting lodge of NA Nekrasov

The hunting lodge of NA Nekrasov: [documentary] / author and director: A. Tantsyrev; camera and editing: G. Boytsov; Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve. - Electronic data (1 video file). - St. Petersburg: Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve: Novgorod Regional Television, 2014. -
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The film tells about the museum-estate of NA Nekrasov "Chudovskaya Luka". This manor is a favorite place of the writer, where he rested from city worries and anxieties, loved wandering through the woods with a gun, talking to a simple Russian person. The estate of Chudovskaya Luka Nikolai Alekseevich bought in 1871. In his hunting lodge NA Nekrasov came at different times from 1871 to 1876. The first museum exposition in the hunting lodge of the poet was opened in December 1971. - The information of the site is used The Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve ( .
I. Tantsirev, Andrei. II. Fighters, Gregory. III. Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve. IV. "Novgorod Regional Television", regional state autonomous institution. Nekrasov, Nikolay Alekseevich (1821 - 1877) - Multimedia publications. 2. House-museum of NA Nekrasov (Chudovo, city, Novgorod region) - Multimedia publications. 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. Territory (collection). 6. Russian language (collection). 7. Territory of Russia: Novgorod Region (collection). 8. Novgorod region: pages of history (collection). 9. Chudovo, city (Novgorod region) - Multimedia publications. 10. Documentaries.
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