Peter the Great in Carlsbad 1711 and 1712

  Kustodiyev, Konstantin Lukich  (1837-1875).    
Peter the Great in Carlsbad 1711 and 1712: Historical memories collected by Arch. KL Kustodiev: Speech delivered in the meeting of Russians in Carlsbad on the day of the celebration of 200 years. the anniversary of the birth of PV on May 30, 1872 (with the enclosure of the word he himself said on that day in the Carlsbad church and the lithographic view of the house "Pfau"). - Budapest: type. Weng. cor. University, 1873. - 32 p., 1 l. yl. ; 21 .
1. Peter I (the emperor of Russia, 1672-1725) - Travel. 2. Power (collection).
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