Guide to the Great Siberian Railway

Guide to the Great Siberian Railway: from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok: 1909-1910: 60 photo-prints, 2 large maps of the railways of European Russia and Siberia on one sheet / compiled according to official data edited by AI Dmitriev-Mamonov . - St. Petersburg: The printing house of V. Bezobrazov, 1909. - 26, 338, 12, [5] p., [1] f. il., map: ill., photo; 23 cm. -
On the title page also: At the World Exhibition of Paris in 1900, he was awarded the Grand Silver Medal. By the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Public Education the first edition of the Guidebook, 1900, was recommended for the fundamental older age of the libraries of all educational institutions of the Ministry of Education, male and female, for the libraries of the Teaching Institutes and the Seminary, for teachers' libraries of urban schools and for free reading.
collection "Tomsk City Public Library."
About Tomsk: p. 241-249 .
I. Dmitriev-Mamonov, Alexander Ippolitovich (1847-1915) .1. Siberian Railway. 2. The Northern Railway. 3. The Perm railway. 4. The Samara-Zlatoust railway. 5. Trans-Baikal Railway. 6. The Amur Railway. 7. The Ussuri railway. 8. Chinese Eastern Railway. 9. The people (the collection). 10. Territory (collection). 11. West-Siberian Railway (collection). 12. Siberia.
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Publisher Типография В. Безобразова
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