Journey through the lakes Ladoga and Onega,

  Ozeretskovsky, Nikolay Yakovlevich  (1750-1827).    
Journey through the lakes Ladoga and Onega, / Nadvornaya Adviser, Imperial Academy of Sciences Academician, Imperial Gentry Land Cadet Corps Professor in the Russian word, medicine doctor, Imperial Russian Academy, SPB Volna Economic Society and Bernskogo in Switzerland member, Nikolai Ozeretskovskago . ; C.13 tab. - Санктпетербург: При Имп. Acad. Sciences, 1792. - 335 pp., 13 liters. yl, pl. ; 8. - P.175-176 were reprinted to correct the text. In the original. the first paragraph of p.176 ended with a line: "lay here on short", in the amended one - "Here I am exactly what I am attaching." - SK XVIII .
1. Ladoga Lake - Description and travel - 18th .. 2. Lake Onega - Description and travel - 18th ..
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