Tomsk railway workers on the way to the Soviets

Tomsk railway workers on the way to the Soviets: memoirs and essays from the history of the union of railway workers at the Tomsk railway station. from 1905 to 1927. - Tomsk: The publication of the dorprofsozha of the Tomsk railway, 1928. - II, 92 p. : ill., Photos. ; 26 cm. -
A copy of the Tomsk OUNB from the collection "Tomsk publications", old.
. - 1000 copies. copies. .
1. Tomsk Railway - History - Memoirs, notes, etc. 2. People (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Tomsk Region (collection). 5. West-Siberian Railway (collection). 6. Tomsk Gubernia - Social and political life - con. 19 - beginning. 20 cc - Memoirs, notes, etc ..
BBC 63.3 (28-8Том) 53-414ю14
An electronic copy source: Tomsk OUNB
The original storage area: Томская ОУНБ
Publisher Издание дорпрофсожа Томской железной дороги
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