Topography Orenburg,

Rychkov, Peter Ivanovich (1712-1777).    
Topography Orenburg,: That is: a detailed description of the Orenburg province, / Corresponding author Peter Rychkov, compiled by the collegiate adviser and the Imperial Academy of Sciences. - St. Petersburg: under the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1762. - 8 °. -
In March, 1763, the Academic Bookshop received 350 copies.
The printing of the book was completed in February 1763
The maps of I. Krasilnikov were first published only in 1880 by photolithographic method under the title: "Orenburg Province with the places belonging to it in the "Landkartam" Krasilnikov and "Topography" PI Rychkov, 1755.
"Orenburg Topography" was first published in January-November in the issues of the journal "Works and Translations for Profit and Entertainment Employees" for 1762, and then from the same set, but with a reverse, released a separate bubbled editions.
The work of PI Rychkov given a comprehensive description of the nature, population and economy of Orenburg Province, embracing in the XVIII century. a vast territory from Bashkiria in the north to the Caspian Sea in the south and from the Volga in the west to Tobol in the east. Part 1, completed by 1755, is devoted to the general review of the Orenburg province, Part 2 - characteristics of settlements. Its basis was the long-term personal observations of the author and maps of the geodesist I. Krasilnikov.
The last time in Russian, "Topography" was published in the publication "Orenburg steppes in the works of PI Rychkov, EA Eversmann, SS. (Moscow, State Publishing House of Geographical Literature, 1949).
Translated into German, H.G. Gase (Ch.H.Hase) is printed in the publication of AF Bryushin "Magazin fur die neue Historie und Geographie" (T.5-7, Hamburg-Halle, 1771-1773) and in the translation of J. Rodde - a separate edition in Riga in 1772
The register of memorable things in both parts of the Orenburg topography (pp. 243-262).
. - 406 copies. copies. .
I. Academic printing house (St. Petersburg) .1. Orenburg region: pages of history (collection). 2. Territory of Russia: Orenburg region (collection). 3. Orenburg province - Topographic research - 18th century ..
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