Charter of the Kursk region

    Kursk Region. Laws.
Charter of the Kursk region: Basic law: adopted by the Kursk Regional Duma on September 27, 20011. - [2001]. - S .: 7-22. -
At the end of the text, the signature: Governor of the Kursk region A. Mikhailov, Kursk, October 2, 2001
From the newspaper "Kurskie Vedomosti" № 12 (48) December 2001
I. Kursk Region. Statutes. Kursk Region. Charter (Basic Law). 2001. 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Kursk region (collection). 5. Kursk region: pages of history (collection). 6. Constitution - Basic Law. The Constitution of the Subjects of the Russian Federation (collection).
ББК 67.400.11 (2Рос-4Кус), 02
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