Course of Russian History. [T. 1]. The emergence and formation of the Russian state

  Shmurlo, Yevgeny Frantsevich  (1853-1934).    
Course of Russian History: Proc. allowance for students of higher education. and media. specialist. training. institutions / [E.F. Shmurlo]; Otv. Ed. : Acad. RAO Korolkov AA [Ros. acad. education. North - West. detached] . - St. Petersburg. : Aleteya, 1999
[T. 1]: The emergence and formation of the Russian state: (862-1462). - Ed. 2-th. - 1999. - 541 p. : [1] l. portraiture. - At the end. aut. and frequently. zagl. volume of Bibliography. at the end of chapters. - ISBN 5-89329-063-1 .
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ISBN 5-89329-063-1
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