Acts of famous generals and ministers who served in the reign of Emperor Peter the Great .. Part 1

Bantysh-Kamensky, Dmitry Nikolaevich (1788-1850).    
Acts of famous commanders and ministers, who served in the reign of Emperor Peter the Great. : With portraits of them. - Moscow: In the printing house of NS. Vsevolozhskogo, 1812-1813. - 8 ° (26 cm). -
Price: 20 rubles.
Gravity. K. Anisimov, A. Afanasyev, A.P. Grachev, N. Ivanov, A.A. Osipov, V. Khramtsev in Fig. ME AND. Argunova dotted line. manner.
Excerpts from the book. napec. in magazine: Son of the Fatherland. - 1815. - Part 19, No. 5. - P. 177-190; № 6. - P. 228 - 235. In the translation into French. and English. yaz. published in Moscow (1822, 1828), Paris (in 1826, 1829) and London (in 1857).
The book was published in 1814.
At the end of the dedication to Alexander I ( pp. V - VIII) Author: Dmitry Bantysh-Kamensky. Genvary on the 23rd day of 1812.
Cens: N.E. Cherepanov, May 5, July 15, 1812
Portraits: Peter I, F.M. Apraksin, Ya.V. Bryus, I.I. Buturlin, M.M. Golitsyn, F.A. Golovin, G.I. Golovkin, V.V. Dolgorukov, Ya.F. Dolgorukov, B.I. Kurakin, F.Ya. Lefort, A.D. Menshikov, A.I. Osterman, A.I. Repnin, F.Yu. Romodanovsky, A.I. Rumyantsev, P.A. Tolstoy, A.I. Ushakov, G.P. Chernyshev, P.P. Shafirov, B.P. Sheremetev, P.I. Yaguzhinsky.
Preface. aut. on with. IX - XV.
Consolidated catalog of the Russian book of 1801-1825
I. Sveshnikov, Osip Leontievich (about 1775-1847). II. Khramtsev, Vasily. III. Ivanov, Nikolay. IV. Cherepanov, Nikifor Evtropievich (1762-1823). V. Osipov, Alexei Agapievich (about 1770-1850). VI. Anisimov, Cyril. VII. Argunov, Yakov Ivanovich (1784-1837). VIII. Grachev, Alexei Petrovich (about 1780 after 1850). IX. Afanasyev, Athanasius (1758 after 1830).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Part 1. - 1812. - XV, [1], 290, [2] c., [13] f. portr., ill. -
Ч. 1-2 are woven.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher В типографии Н.С. Всеволожскаго
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