The Moscow Kremlin, the Syatyn and the Memorials

Kondratiev, Ivan Kuzmich    
Moscow Kremlin, syatyny and memorabilia: East. Description of cathedrals, churches and monasteries / Comp. I.K. Kondratiev. - M.: I.A. Morozov, 1910. - 190, [2] p. ; 23 cm. -
Ex. from the book. M.I. Chuvanova.
On the region. aut. not specified.
Contents: The Kremlin; Assumption Cathedral; Cathedral of the Archangel; Blagoveshchensky cathedral; Savior on Bohr; Verkh-Spassky Cathedral; The Kremlin churches; Ascension Monastery of the Virgin; Chudov Monastery; Ivan the Great belltower; The Kremlin gates; The Spassky Gate; The Tsar Bell; The Lovely Palace; Faceted Chamber and Red Porch; Patriarchal House; Arsenal; Armouries; The royal house; The former Armory Chamber; Tsar Cannon; Palaces; The Kremlin squares; Monument to the Emperor Alexander II; Monument to the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich.
1. Religion - Christianity - Russian Orthodox Church - Monasteries. 2. Religion - Christianity - Russian Orthodox Church - Temples - Moscow. 3. History - Russia - Moscow, city - Objects of the city - Moscow Kremlin - Monuments. 4. Moscow.
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