Tuutari Park. Mount Kirchhof (Duderhof heights). [1]

Zhlobinskaya, Olga N.    
Tuutari Park. Mount Kirchhof (Duderhof heights). [1]: [photo] / photo of O. N. Zhlobinskaya. - Electronic graphic data (1 file: 6.6 MB). -Lomonosovsky district, Leningrad region, 2012. -
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Duderhof height - a unique monument of nature, a group of hills of glacial origin, the highest place in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. The heights are formed by three mountains: Crow (147 m), Nut (176 m) and Kirchhoff (170 m). The first two vertices are on the same base. Near the Crows and Nut Mountains Dudergofskoe Lake is located. The soil and vegetation of the heights are diverse and unusual for the latitudes of the northwest. The Crow and Nut Mountains are located in the south-west of St. Petersburg - at the foot of the village is Mozhaisky, Kirchhoff mountain - in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. The Duderhof hills are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. - Mount Kirchhoff is a small mountain 170 m high located in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. It is a part of the nature monument of regional importance Dudergofsky heights. At the top of the site there was a church of the Holy Trinity (c 1832 stone, architect H. Meyer), which was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. Around the church there was an ancient Finnish cemetery. The Kirchhoff mountain is distinguished by much smaller thickets on the slopes. Since March 1, 1998 on the eastern slope of the mountain there is a ski resort "Tuutari-Park" .
1. "Tuutari-Park", active recreation center (Leningrad region) - Photographs. 2. Territory (collection). 3. Territory of Russia: Leningrad Region (collection). 4. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 5. "Duderhof heights", a natural monument (North-West of the European part of Russia) - Photographs. 6. Kirchhoff, mountain (North-West of the European part of the Russian Federation) - Photographs. 7. Landscape photos.
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