Types of organizations that promote nature conservation

Soloviev, Dmitry Konstantinovich (1886-1931).    
Types of organizations that promote nature protection / D. K. Soloviev, full member of the Russian. Geographer. Of the Society. - Petrograd: 9th state printing house, 1918. -45 p. : schemes. ; 23 cm - (Russian Geographical Society, Permanent Environmental Protection Commission, No. 3). -
Bibliography in footnotes. - A separate print from the journal "Agriculture and Forestry", v. 256, 1918
I. Russian Geographical Society. Permanent Environmental Protection Commission.1. The people (the collection). 2. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 3. Nature protection - Institutions and organizations.
ББК 20.18г
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Location on the book: Russian Geographical Society
Publisher 9-я Государственная типография
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