Letter from Mikhail Konstantinovich Anikushin to Semyon Stepanovich Geychenko

Anikushin, Mikhail Konstantinovich (1917-1997).    
The letter of Mikhail Konstantinovich Anikushin to Semyon Stepanovich Geychenko. - 9 March 1992. -1 sheet (paper). -
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Letter written by hand with ink, on one side of the sheet. At the beginning of the letter, in the upper left corner, a profile of Alexander Pushkin is drawn.
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Letter M K. Anikushina SS Geychenko .
I. Geychenko, Semyon Stepanovich (1903-1993) .1. Anikushin, Mikhail Konstantinovich (1917 - 1997) - Correspondence. 2. Geychenko, Semyon Stepanovich (1903 - 1993) - Correspondence. 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. MK Anikushin (collection).
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Place of origin: From private collection (Anikushin M.K.)
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