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International events: Joint Russian-Japanese exhibition "Let There Always Be a Sun" is presented in Vladivostok

5 June 2018
The V. K. Arsenyev Primorsky State Unified Museum (Vladivostok) presents the joint Russian-Japanese exhibition "Let There Always Be a Sun", which runs on June 30, 2018 in the House of the official Sukhanov. It is timed to the International Children's Day, to the year of Japan in Russia, and also to the 50th anniversary of one of the city's oldest clubs, the “Chaika” Center for Further Education for Children.

The Presidential Library collections have been enriched with a digital copy of the publication provided by the State Library of Yugra

9 July 2018
The State Library of Yugra has provided the following edition: Materials on the study of Siberia: [collection] / ed. by V. V. Reverdatto and others; Tomsk branch of the Society for the Study of Siberia and its productive forces. V. 4. Tomsk, 1933. [2], 106, 8 inclusive. p.: ill., maps. The Presidential Library portal features collection "Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Yugra: Pages of History".

The music of Nicholas I’s epoch was performed in the Presidential Library

27 June 2018
June 27, 2018 the Presidential Library hosted another concert of the music and educational project "Music of Russian Statehood" dedicated to music of Nicholas I’s epoch. The concert organizers - the Foundation of the International Festival of Classical Music "Palaces of St. Petersburg" and the Presidential Library - dedicated an evening to the music of the epoch of the reign of Nicholas I, which lasted three decades and was marked by the creation and development of Russian industry and the flowering of literature, music, and visual art.

The Memory of Russia: Exposition highlighting the 25th anniversary of the monument to Alexander Nevsky and his army on display in Pskov

29 June 2018
The exposition «The Land of Pskov during the Great Patriotic War» launched by the Pskov State Museum features a showcase highlighting the history of construction of the monument to Alexander Nevsky and his army. The Monument was erected on June 24 1993 on top of the Sokolikha mountain to immortalize the victory of Alexander Nevsky and his army in the Battle of the Ice in 1242. People of Pskov and tourists like the monument very much and it has become a place of tourist attraction.

To the Day of Russia: The Festival on the Kulikovo Field

12 June 2018
June 12, 2018 the Museum-Reserve "Kulikovo Field" (the Tula region) holds the celebration of the Day of Russia. The holiday program includes: athletes tournament of power extreme "Powerful Game", a concert program, the summer Krasnokholmskaya fair, solemn farewell recruits into the ranks of the Russian army on the Kulikovo field.