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Information Technologies and Libraries: British Library made 40,000 maps and views freely available online

16 October 2020
The British Library provides free access to a collection of over 40,000 maps and views. The material forms part of the Topographical Collection of King George III held by the British Library and captures four centuries of visual impressions of places throughout the world, from maps and atlases to architectural drawings, cartoons and watercolours. From today, the images will be available for anyone to view online via the British Library’s digital Flickr Commons collection.

Memorable dates of Russia: Exhibition "And Russia shines in the heart...", dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Yesenin, presented in St. Petersburg

26 October 2020
The A. A. Blok Museum-Apartment (St. Petersburg) is hositng the exhibition "And Russia shines in the heart..." dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin and the 105th anniversary of the poet's first visit to Petrograd. This city meant a lot to Yesenin, several years of his life and the last days of the singer of the "country of birch calico" are associated with it.

Libraries and Society: The Chelyabinsk Regional Library presented "Museum of Law of the Southern Urals"

20 October 2020
The Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library hosted the opening of the Museum of Law of the Southern Urals created in partnership with the Notary Chamber of Chelyabinsk Region and the regional branch of the Russian Lawyers Association and with the participation of many caring Chelyabinsk residents interested in preserving the monuments of the history of regional law.

Internet and History: Rosarchiv released on Internet recently digitized documents about Nuremberg Trials marking the 75th anniversary of the International Military Tribunal

23 November 2020
Marking of the 75th anniversary of the launching of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Rosarchiv informs about the new acquisitions to the federal archival project "Crimes of the Nazis and Their Accomplices against the Civilian Population of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945". Recently digitized documents are devoted to the Nuremberg Trials.

Фильмы и лекции об истории и литературе – на портале Президентской библиотеки

9–13 November 2020
На портале Президентской библиотеки с понедельника по пятницу в разделе «Интернет-вещание» в режиме онлайн транслируются фильмы и видеолекции, подготовленные Президентской библиотекой, а также ведущими киностудиями страны.

Alexander Menshikov. "He quickly learned the essence of any new business; he did not know the impossible"

16 November 2020
On November 16 (6 old style), November 1673, the future Russian statesman and military leader, favorite and associate of the reformer Tsar Peter I, the first St. Petersburg Governor-General Alexander Menshikov (1673-1729), was born in Moscow. The electronic reading room of the Presidential Library contains a number of research papers dedicated to him, as well as archival documents.

Internet and Education: Moscow Kremlin Museums launched a new online project "The Kremlin to Children"

29 November 2020
The Moscow Kremlin Museums launched a new website for teachers and school students studying Russian history. The monuments of the Moscow Kremlin are related to the milestones of the establishment and development of the state. They also refer to the heyday of Russian culture. The museum collection will provide a detailed study of Russian history and culture and better learning of its brightest pages.

Internet and Museums: #MoscowWithYou media platform launched an online tour of the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

9 December 2020
#MoscowWithYou media platform provides a new video tour. Its participants will be guided through the general exposition of the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum. The virtual tour includes an excursion to the writer's office, living room, communal kitchen with the everyday life features of the 1920s, as well as the staircase walls covered with graffiti by lovers of the classic of Russian literature.

Internet and Society: Online collection of Charles Darwin’s handwritten pages released

2 December 2020
Two original pages from the handwritten draft of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, along with rare letters, and never-before-seen reading notes are to be added to Darwin Online. A website contains not only the complete works of Darwin but is possibly the most comprehensive scholarly portal on any historical individual in the world.

The Presidential Library to host the second lecture from the cycle dedicated to the life and oeuvre of Sergei Yesenin

18 December 2020
The video lecture on the subject "Sergei Yesenin in the Russian-German Cultural Dialogue" as part of the Knowledge of Russia project will be held on December 18, 2020 at 12:00 Moscow time at the Presidential Library. This is the second of three lectures in a cycle dedicated to the life and oeuvre of Sergei Yesenin (1895-1925) and timed to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the birth of one of the most famous poets of the Silver Age.

Internet and History: Moscow to present an Internet project "Protopop Avvakum. A Person and an Epoch in Archival Documents"

16 December 2020
On December 16, 2020, the Russian State Archives of Ancient Documents (Moscow) will present the Internet project "Protopop Avvakum. A Person and an Epoch in Archival Documents". It marks the 400th anniversary of Protopop Avvakum (1620-1682), a prominent church and public figure, one of the leaders of the Old Believers, an outstanding Russian writer and thinker.