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Birthday anniversary of Nikolai P. Zagoskin, Russian public figure, legal scholar, historian, publicist, publisher

1 August 1851

July 20 (August 1) 1851 in St. Petersburg in the family of an employee of the Naval Ministry was born Nikolai Pavlovich Zagoskin, Russian public figure, legal scholar, historian, publicist, publisher, rector of Kazan University (1906-1909), director of the Kazan Women courses (1911), a member of the State Council of the Russian Empire.

Zagoskin came from the hereditary nobility of the Penza province, he studied first at the private St. Petersburg boarding school, and then - in Wiesbaden (Germany). Having returned to Russia in 1865, he enrolled in the Penza school, after which he entered the law faculty of the Imperial Kazan University. His work "Essays on the organization and origins of service class in pre-Peter Russia" was awarded a gold medal and earned Zagoskin a PhD in jurisprudence.

In 1875 as a privat-docent in history of Russian law Zagoskin opened a course on the history of Russian law of 15-17th centuries. Three years later he was promoted to associate professor and in 1879 defended his doctoral thesis on "The History of Law at Moscow State," after which he became an extraordinary professor. In 1880, the scholar was approved as the full professor, and ten years later he earned full professor. In autumn of 1887 his lectures attended V. I. Lenin, a student of Kazan University.

At the University of Kazan Zagoskin was scientific secretary of the Society of archeology, history and ethnography. On his initiative, several archaeological exhibitions were organized. In 1879-1882 and 1910-1911 he taught at Kaza Women courses. The range of scientific interests of Zagoskin as historian-lawyer was quite extensive. Continuing his research in the field of Russian law, in 1891 he published a scientific bibliography "Science of the history of Russian law." He was also keenly interested in the history of Kazan: he wrote some works on local history such as "Guide of Kazan," "The Emperor Paul I in Kazan," "Count Leo Tolstoy and his student years", "A. Pushkin in Kazan", "Kazan region in troubled times". On the pages of his magazine "Volga Bulletin" was published his work entitled "Kazan old times. Sketches of the city of Kazan and its life in the 40s.".   

Increasingly recognized was a four-volume work by Zagoskin "The history of Kazan Imperial University during the first hundred years of its existence. 1804-1904" published in 1902-1904. On the pages of monograph were recreated facts related to the opening of the Kazan University, demonstrated the main areas of his activity. In 1904, the scientist was involved in editin "Biographical Dictionary of professors and teachers of the Imperial University of Kazan 1804-1904". In 1906 Zagoskin was elected Rector of Kazan University.

In 1883, Zagoskin created a magazine (from 1884 - a newspaper), "Volga Bulletin" and had been its chief editor for five years. The following authors   collaborated with the newspaper:  D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak, V. G. Korolenko, E. N.Uspensky, N. K. Mikhailovsky, A. I. Bogdanovich, N. F. Annensky.  An article published in the pages of a Moscow magazine "Russian thought” of 1893, stated that "Volga Bulletin" occupied "in the entire provincial press, perhaps, not particularly brilliant, but very respectable and even honorable position of  a paper, tending to demonstrate the interests of vast territory and imbued with the best literary traditions". However, due to lack of funds, Zagoskin had to sell the newspaper.

In 1896-98 Zagoskin was ​​editor of the "Kama-Volga region" paper which belonged to the Ministry of Railways. The editor had managed to establish cooperation with a lot of professors and professional lawyers.

Zagoskin was a comprehensively developed man, fond of archeology, art, the latest achievements of science, he took singing lessons. In 1889, he flew in a balloon, "Leon's Gift", describing his experience in the newspaper. In addition, the scientist also was fond of astronomy, arranged aquariums, terrariums, kept at home a lot of animals, including a tame wolf.

In 1911, as a representative of the Academy of Sciences and universities Zagoskin was elected a member of the State Council of the Russian Empire. Then he left Kazan and went to St. Petersburg. In the Council, he joined the left flank and entered the Senate Academic fraction.

6 (19) February 1912, at the age of 61, Nikolai Pavlovich Zagoskin died of pneumonia and was buried in St. Petersburg.

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The text provided by the Lermontov Penza regional library