From the history of land management and cartography in Russia

From the history of land management and cartography in Russia: [electronic exhibition] / Office of the Federal Registration Service in the Leningrad Region, Presidential Library, [Exhibition Department]; redkol: Head of the Office of Rosreestra in the Leningrad Region, IM Shelyakov, Assistant Head of the Office of the Register of State Resources in the Leningrad Region VA Trusov; authors-compilers: Candidate of Sciences D.Solovev, NN Loginova; literary editors: S.S. Belova, A.D. Barkhatova; design: Dmitriev NP; Project Manager - Candidate of Sciences D.V. Solov'ev - Electronic Data (14 files, JPEG: 722.8 MB) -St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2018 -
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To the 100th anniversary of the Rosreestr
The exhibition was prepared by the FBI "Presidential Library named after BN Yeltsin" at the request of the Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in the Leningrad Region. eki, Leningrad regional state archive in Vyborg g, National Library of Russia, OOO "Helio"
14 banners included in the exposition of the exhibition e: About 1; 2 Land management in the Old Russian state (IX – XII centuries); 3 Land management and cartography in Russia in the 15th – 17th centuries; 4 Land management in the North-West of the Russian state in the XV – XVII centuries; 5 Land management in the first half of the XVIII century; 6 General survey in the second half of the XVIII - early XIX centuries; 7 Cartographic results of the general survey at the end of the 18th century; 8 The territory of the Leningrad Region on the maps of the end of the XVIII - beginning of the XX centuries of the Land Survey Department of the Senate; 9 Land management on the territory of the Vyborg gubernia and the Grand Duchy of Finland in the XVII – XIX centuries; 10 Land survey in the era of the Great Reforms; 11 Stolypin land management; 12 Land management in the early years of Soviet power (1917-1927); 13 Land management during the period of collectivization and in the second half of the 20th century; 14 Development of the system of state registration of real estate in the Leningrad region.
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I Shelyakov, Igor Mikhailovich (1969-) II Soloviev, Denis Valerievich (Ph.D. in History) III Loginova, Nina Nikolaevna IV Russian Federation Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography Office of the Leningrad Region V Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) Exhibition Department1 Territory (collection) 2 Presidential Library: yesterday, today, tomorrow (collection) 3Land Management - History - Russia - Exhibitions 4 Cartography - History - Russia - Exhibitions
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