Journal of the Ministry of Folk Enlightenment.1883. Part 226. [№ 4].April

Russia.Ministry of Folk Enlightenment.Journal of the Ministry of Folk Enlightenment.- St. Petersburg, 1803-1917.-From Part 107 (July) - 113 (January) (1860-1862), the publication was divided into 2 parts: part of the official and unofficial, published in separate covers with parallel numbering parts.From part 113 (February) of 1862, the official and unofficial part of the journal was united and overlook in one cover.Changes title: 1803-1819 Periodic composition of the success of folk enlightenment;1821-1824 Journal of the Department of Folk Enlightenment;1825-1829 Notes published by the Department of the Department of Folk Enlightenment;1834-1906 Journal of the Ministry of Folk Enlightenment;1906-1917 Journal of the Ministry of Folk Enlightenment.New episode.- In 1830-1833.The magazine was not published.Instead, a collection was released "Meeting of decisions under the Ministry of Folk Education from January 1, 1829 to March 21, 1833."- The publication is discontinued at Ch. 72 1917, the "Folk Enlightenment" magazine comes out.- Edition for 1919 See: Temporary Siberian Government.M-folk enlightenment: magazine ....1. Domestic serial and continuing editions (collection).2. People (collection).3. Power (collection).4. Education - History - Russia - 19 - NCH.20 centuries.-- Periodicals.5. Departmental journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries ..BBK 74.03 (2) 5th52BBK 63.3 (2) 5-7Y521883. Part 226. [№ 4].April: Fifth decade.- A type.V.S.Balashva, 1883. - [400] p.section.Pag.: Tab .. a substrateNote..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher типография В. С. Балашева
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