A life. 1899, v. 3, No. 3

Life: a literary, scientific and political journal - 1897 - № 4, 1901 - St. Petersburg, 1897-1901 -
Editors-publishers: 1897 T 1-5, No. 12 editor-publisher S V Voeikov; 1897 T 5, No. 14/15 - 1899 t 10 editor-publisher DM Ostafiev; 1899 tons 11 - 1901 editor-publisher MS Yermolayev; from the end of 1898 the actual editor of the magazine was VA Posse
The journal "Life" was published in St. Petersburg in 1897 first by three books a month, and since March 1899 monthly It was printed: M. Gorky, Veresaev, Chirikov, Fedorov Leonid Andreev, Chekhov, Tang, Bal'mont, A Seraphimovich, Skitalets, IA Bunin, H Garin-Mikhailovskii GA Eynerling also articles MI Tugan- Baranowski, P B Struve Nezhdanoff Lenin (pseudonymous In Ilin) P Maslov, Kautsky, Vandervelde, Sombart and others. The main critic of the magazine was Andreevich (Evgeny Soloviev) "Life" la special artistic separated edited by P H Ge and printed pictures with pictures and portraits at № 4 (1901) edition stopped Instead out titled illegal magazine, published in London in 1902 Abroad six log book was released in London and Geneva, twelve numbers "Leaf of Life" and a number of separate editions of the "Life Library" was published. In December 1902 the publishing house was liquidated
I Voeikov, Sergey Valerianovich (1861-after 1937) II Ostafyev, Dmitry Modestovich (1862-after 1916) III Yermolaev, M C IV Posse, Vladimir Alexandrovich (1864-1940) 1 people (set) 2 Russian language (collection) Domestic 3 serial and continuing editions (collection) 4 Russian literature - con 19-early 20 centuries - Periodicals 5 Russia - Political life - con 19 - beginning 20 cc - Periodicals 6 Literary journals - Russia - 19 in 7 Social and political journals - Russia
BKK 84 (2 = 4112) 53y52
ББК 633 (2) 53я52
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им А И Герцен
1899, t 3, No. 3 - [Printing house of the St. Petersburg publishing company E Evdokimova], 1899 - [408] s: il -
Contains: End of Andrei Ivanovich: a story In Veresaev Landscape: a poem by K Balmont Foma Gordeev : M Gorky's story (From 41-83 [scans 53-95]) "If the darkness is full-bodied": the poem by L. Medvedev Gorbach: essay by R Gvozdev, [and others] - Bibliography in the footnotes and in the text
1 The people (collection) 2 Russia in the faces (collection) 3Maxim Gorky (collection)
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им А И Герцен
Publisher [Типография Санкт-Петербургского акционерного общества печатного дела Е. Евдокимова]