Krasnolutskaya, Ninel Viktorovna. Medal "For the Defense of Leningrad"

Krasnolutskaya, Ninel Viktorovna. Medal "For the Defense of Leningrad": [photo]. - Electronic data (2 files, JPEG: 4.4 MB). -St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2015. -
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In the photo: Medal "For the Defense of Leningrad "Krasnolutsky Ninel Viktorovna. The medal has the shape of a regular circle with a diameter of 32 mm, made of brass. On the obverse side of the medal, against the background of the rising shape of the Admiralty building, is a group of Red Army men, sailors, workers and workers with rifles at the ready. In the upper part of the medal there is a five-pointed star and an inscription on the edge of the medal "FOR DENOM OF LENINGRAD". The front side of the medal is edged with a convex side. On the reverse side of the medal is the inscription "FOR OUR SOVIET MOTHERLAND". Above the inscription shows a hammer and sickle. All inscriptions and images on the medal are convex. The medal with the aid of the ear and the ring is connected to a pentagonal block covered with an olive moir silk motif of 24 mm wide with a longitudinal green stripe in the middle 2 mm wide. Location: From a private collection. - Krasnolutskaya Ninel Viktorovna (born in August 3, 1931 in Leningrad) - during the blockade from September 8, 1941 to January 27, 1944, she was in Leningrad. Veteran of World War II, has state awards .
I. Krasnolutskaya, Ninel Viktorovna (1931 -). 1. Krasnolutskaya, Ninel Viktorovna (1931-) - Documents and materials. 2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. The people (collection). 5. "For the Defense of Leningrad", medal - Documents and materials. 6. Great Patriotic War - Heroes and Heroism - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials. 7. Siege of Leningrad - 1941 - 1944 - Documents and materials.
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