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The Presidential Library to receive participants and guests of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

6 June 2021

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation will traditionally receive participants and guests of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will be held from June 2-5, 2021. Guests and participants of the forum, as well as media accredited representatives, will have the opportunity to visit the first national electronic library of the country from June 1 to June 6 within the framework of the cultural program.

Attendees will have opportunity to see the restored interiors of the Holy Synod, built in the second quarter of the 19th century by Karl Rossi, learn about the history and architectural features of the building, as well as examine the conference hall and multimedia transforming hall, equipped with modern technical equipment, created for all-Russian and international events.

Visitors will also visit the exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the Shostakovich St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonia. The exposition presents rare materials from the Philharmonia Music Library. They are copies of sheet music that belonged to Emperor Alexander III, opera scores by the court composer Louis XIV J.-B. Lully, claviers and scores by W. Mozart and J.-J. Russo, as well as documentary evidence of the extensive activities of the Philharmonia: programs and posters of concerts, photographs of performers, clippings from periodicals, materials of touring trips and much more. The valuable collection of the Music Library opens endless spaces for thoughtful research of Russian musical culture, an outstanding role in the development of which is played by the St. Petersburg Philharmonia.

The permanent exhibition in the Constitution hall will introduce guests and participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with the history of constitutional ideas in Russia and tell how the main law of the country, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, was adopted.

The tour will also include a presentation of the library's electronic collections in the electronic reading room and on the portal. These are book and periodicals, archival historical documents, newsreels, photographs, scientific and educational films and other materials dedicated to the history of Russia. In total it is more than a million depository items.

During the forum the Presidential Library’s portal will feature the collection of documents, books and other unique materials The Russian State and the Economy, numbering about 400 items. It includes studies and documents about the economy of our country since the times of Medieval Russia. The materials spotlight the development of domestic and foreign trade, the peculiarities of the agrarian and industrial development of Russia, the activities of state bodies in the field of economy and finance, changes in the economic life of the Soviet era, including the Great Patriotic War, as well as the current state of the Russian economy.

Tours will be available from June 1-6, 2021 at 16:00 and 19:00. Group and participant meetings with the guides will be held in the main foyer of the Presidential Library at Senate Square, 3.

Entrance to the Presidential Library is available through entrance No. 1 providing an accreditation badge for the SPIEF-2021 participant.