The multimedia project of the Presidential Library spotlights the economic reforms of Peter the Great

24 September 2022

Marking the 350th anniversary of Peter I, the Presidential Library presents a project, dedicated to the work of the tsar-reformer. The electronic exhibition Peter’s Petersburg – the economic centre of the Russian state is available on the Presidential Library’s portal.

During the reign of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg became the embodiment of tsar’s ideas on modernization of economic life of the country – the main centre for trade, industry, construction and shipbuilding, while Russia became an empire with a qualitatively new economy in comparison to the previous era.

The electronic exhibition is based on the map of St. Petersburg of the XVIII century. Objects of the Peter’s epoch associated with the economic reforms of Peter the Great are marked on it: the Admiralty, the galley yard, the Okhta Gunpowder Factory, cotton and rope yards on the New Holland Island, etc. Based on the archival documents from the Presidential Library’s digital collections, users will have an opportunity to learn about the development of trade, industry and production since 1703 and the management of economic activity of the Russian state.

The electronic exhibition Peter’s Petersburg – the economic centre of the Russian state was showcased on the St. Petersburg stand on the platform of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022. 

The Presidential Library’s portal features another electronic exhibition dedicated to the first Russian emperor. The Internet-project Library of Peter the Great was prepared together with the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (BAN). Thanks to the project, users have an opportunity to see individual copies of manuscripts, books and graphics collected during the life of the tsar-reformer.

Virtual projects are an actively developing area of activity of the Presidential Library, thanks to which the collections of the electronic repository are constantly entered with unique materials.