Petrograd 1917 – in the Presidential Library Interactive Exhibition

8 November 2017

Since November 6, 2017, the Presidential Library portal features an interactive exhibition dedicated to the revolutionary events in Petrograd. The electronic resource not only tells about the events of the crucial 1917 year for the country, but also allows to "glance" on many days.

Such possibilities are given by the format of the interactive calendar. It, according to the dates for the new style (the Gregorian calendar), includes separate materials (documents, articles from newspapers, leaflets, archive photographs, etc.), as well as multimedia historical maps.

Multimedia historical maps give an opportunity to plunge deeply into the atmosphere of revolutionary Petrograd: they tell about four turning points of 1917, having a common logic of development. The events of February (the fall of the monarchy, February 23-28), July (the attempted armed coup, July 3-8, July 15) and October (the overthrow of the Provisional Government, October 24-November 1) are among these subjects. A separate block is dedicated to the history of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) in Petrograd from April 3 to October 25, 1917.

In the format of info-graphics the resource presents the full information about what is happening: the key places are indicated on the interactive map of Petrograd with the address and accompanied by an archive or modern photograph. Information about the events is presented in the form of quotations from the memoirs of contemporaries, including direct participants in actions, periodicals and archival documents.

Thanks to the new resource, a visitor of the Presidential Library portal can make up his own opinion about the events of 1917. While preparing an interactive calendar a wide range of sources was used, among the authors - people of different political views and professions, social status and official position. All this makes it possible to look at the historical picture from different points of view and draw the conclusions about the degree of correctness and objectivity of interpretations that are given to the events of the Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Interactive exhibition on the Presidential Library portal will be permanent and enriched by new documents.