Memories of student life

Memories of student life: [compilation]. - Moscow: the publication of the Society for the Distribution of Useful Books, 1899. - 270, [1] p. ; 20 cm. -
Authors: В.О. Klyuchevsky, P.M. Obninsky, D.N. Sverbeev, S.M. Soloviev, A.P. Kirpichnikov, V.A. Goltsev, F.I. Buslaev, I.N. Derkachev, I.A. Metropolitan.
1. Russia in the faces (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. VO Klyuchevsky (collection). 4. Students - History - Russia - Memoirs, memos, etc. ..
BBC 63.3 (2) 52-284.2
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