Materials to paleoethology of Transbaikalia

  Tal'ko-Gryncevich, Julian Dominikovich  (1850-1936).    
Materials for the paleoethnology of Transbaikalia: the grave on the Durens, burial grounds in Dry Klyuche and Tsagan-Usunsky: (reported in the general meeting of the Troitskosavsko-Kyakhta branch of the Priamursky Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, December 19, 1896). Tal'ko-Gryncevich]. - Tomsk: Steam typo-lithography of PI Makushin, 1897. - 20 p., [8] f. yl. - Author. is indicated at the end of the book. .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Barrows and cemeteries - Transbaikalia. 3. Transbaikalia - Paleontological studies - Documents and materials.
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Publisher Паровая типо-литография П. И. Макушина
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