Handbook for the people. Otd. 3. Geography is universal and Russian


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Handbook for the people: [Otd. 1-4] / by the works and means of Izd. Island, consisting of the Constant. commis. on the device of people. readings in St. Petersburg and its environs; Ed. I. P. Khrushchov. - St. Petersburg, 1887 (region 1886) -1891 . - 25 cm
Otd. 3: Geography is universal and Russian. A, B, C, General concepts. Parts of the world and foreign countries. Russian Empire: with four maps. - [1890]. - [2], 256, [2] s., 3 liters. kart. .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. Textbooks on geography (collection). 4. Geography - Popular publications.
ББК 26.8г
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