In memory of Pushkin

In memory of Pushkin: a scientific and literary collection compiled by professors and professors of the Imperial University of St. Vladimir / [edited by Professor V. S. Ikonnikov]. - Kiev: Printing house of the Imperial University of St. Vladimir, 1899. - [4], X, 298, 99 p., 1 l. front. (gravity titration liter), 15 liters. yl. ; 29 cm. -
Contains: Pushkin's memory: a poem / N. E. Glukke. Pushkin and his predecessors in Russian literature / [op.] P. V. Vladimirov. Pushkin among the great poets of modern times / [op.] N. P. Dashkevich. Echoes of Pushkin's poetry in the subsequent Russian literature / [op.] AM Loboda. Pushkin and Chelyakovsky / [соч.] Of TD Florinskiy. Attitude to Pushkin Russian criticism from 1820 to the centennial anniversary of 1899 / [op.] P. V. Vladimirov. From the Pushkin Jubilee Literature / [op.] AI Stepovich. Pushkin in Kamenka / [cit.] LM Loboda. - Bibliography in footnotes.
I. Ikonnikov, Vladimir Stepanovich (1841-1923). II. University of St. Vladimir (Kiev) .1. Pushkin, Alexander Sergeevich (1799 - 1837) - Collections. 2. A. S. Pushkin (collection). 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. Russian language (collection).
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Publisher Типография Императорского Университета св. Владимира
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