Russian conversation. 1895, January

Russian conversation: a monthly literary and political edition. - St. Petersburg: Pechatnia EA Evdokimova, 1895-1896. -
Publishers: 1895 - AV Vasiliev, EA Evdokimov; 1896 - A. V. Vasiliev, E. A. Evdokimov.
Publisher and editor: V. S. Dragomiretsky.
It turns out instead of the magazine: The Galician-Russian messenger.
The literary and political journal published in 1895 -1896 years. in St. Petersburg. Until 1895 came out under the name "Galician-Russian Herald". Monthly. In 1897 the publication was suspended. An appendix to the "Russian Talk" was the monthly magazine "Blagovest" (editor: FV Chetyrkin). Continued the tradition of the eponymous magazine, published in Moscow in 1856-1860. .
I. Vasiliev, Afanasy Vasilievich (writer, 1851-). II. Dragomiretsky, V.S. .. III. Evdokimov, E.A.1. Russian language (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 4. Slavophilism - Russia - Periodicals. 5. Populism - Russia - Periodicals. 6. Social and political journals - Russia. 7. Literary Journals - Russia.
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Original book: РГПУ им. A. I. Herzen
1895, January. - 1895. - [242] p. Sec. pag. : ill. -
From the content: On the tasks and direction of the "Russian conversation" / Af. Vasiliev; To the centenary of the birth of Griboyedov / Ars. Vedensky (pp. 19-28); The Significance of Character in the Life of Peoples / K. Tolstoy; Precarpathian Rus in political-national relation; ID Belyaev and the Slavophiles / SA Gadzyatsky; In memory of DF Maslovsky / AN D; Figure, a portrait of AS Griboyedov (p. 19); Appendix "Blagovest" January, 1895: Ancient Christian church writers on the study of Greek classics / E. Apostolidi, [and other materials]. - Bibliography in footnotes.
1. AS Griboedov: to the 220 anniversary of his birth (collection).
Electronic copy source: PB
Original book: РГПУ им. A. I. Herzen
Publisher Печатня Е. А. Евдокимова