Alexander Griboyedov (1795–1829)

Alexander Griboyedov (1795–1829)

The collection, timed to the 220th birthday anniversary of Alexander Griboyedov, Russian diplomat, poet, playwright and composer, includes digital copies of books, articles, archival documents and visual materials. There also texts of literary works, including that of the comedy "Woe from Wit", which made the author a classic of Russian literature, literary criticism and biographical materials, images of monuments to A. S. Griboedov and other materials.

The collection consists of 39 items.

The collection was assembled using sources from the funds of the Fundamental Library of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen, the Russian State Library, the National Library of Russia, the State Public Historical Library of Russia, Moscow Regional State Scientific Library, Tyumen Regional Scientific Library, Children's Museum of postcards and other collections.

  • Creative work of A. S. Griboedov

    The section contains the texts of literary works, correspondence, travel notes of A. S. Griboyedov, reviews and other literary-critical works devoted to his work, as well as teaching aids.
  • Biography, work as a statesman

    The section includes books and journal articles, containing biographical information about Griboyedov. The materials reflect the details of his diplomatic career and tragic death.
  • Memory of A. S. Griboyedov

    The section consists of visual material depicting monuments to A. S. Griboyedov and an article about his centenary.
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