Russian travel around the world. From Krusenstern to "Sedov"

Russian travel around the world. From Krusenstern to "Sedov" = Russian Round - the world voyages. From Krusenstern to the "Sedov": [compilation / compilers: AV Kruzenstern and others; authors of the concept: A. V. Kruzenstern, L. G. Kolotilo; Editor-in-Chief: V. N. Kokosov]. - St. Petersburg: publisher AV Krusenstern: Kriga, 2014. - 319, [1] p. : ill., portrait., maps, color. ill., Port. ; 38 cm. -
The text is parallel in Russian and English.
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Bibliography: p. 319. - With the autograph of the publisher.
The author of this book is a descendant of the famous Russian navigator, Admiral IF Kruzenshtern - Alexei Krusenstern. The author tells about the 200-year history of Russian round-the-world travel, beginning with the expedition of Ivan Kruzenshtern and ending with the journey of the barque "Sedov" 2012-2013. The book also reflects the world and Russian experience of navigation before the Kruzenshtern expedition. Thanks to the illustrations, it is possible to compare the picture of the world that opens before the seafarers 200 years ago and now. - ISBN 978-5-901805-66-4 .
I. Krusenstern, Alexey Vyacheslavovich (1962-). II. Kolotilo, Leonid Grigorievich (Candidate of Geographical Sciences). III. Kokosov, Victor Nikolayevich. Territory (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. World Travel Russian - Альбомы. 4. Peoples of the world - Ethnographic research - Albums.
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ISBN 978-5-901805-66-4
Publisher издатель А. В. Крузенштерн Крига
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