Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society. T. 31. Years of the teachings of his Imperial Highness heir of the Tsarev...

      Russian Historical Society.
Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society. - St. Petersburg, 1867-1916. -
The publication was resumed in 1999
The title: 1867-1873 Collection of the Russian Historical Society.
Place of publication: Vol. 111, 114, 117, 120, 124, 126, 130, 138 Yuriev; 137, 142 Moscow.
Contents of the published volumes of the Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society. T. 1-148 (1916. T. 148. S. I-X, last p.) .
1. Russia - History - 15 - 19 centuries. - Periodicals.
ББК 63.3 (2) 4я54
T. 31: The years of the teaching of his Imperial Highness the heir of the Tsarevich Alexander Nikolayevich, now safely reigning Emperor's sovereign, [printed under the supervision of AA Polovtsov and GF Shtendman. T. 2]. - S. Petersburg: in the printing house of the Second Department of the Own EI V. Chancellery, 1880. - [6], 416 pp., [1] f. Table. -
The edition has 2 covers: the cover of the magazine and the private cover of the volume. On the general cover of the journal, the date of publication: 1881.
Part of the text in French.
Contains: The latest memorandum by the Minister of Finance, Count EF Kankrin, on the communication of some information on the financial part necessary for teaching His Imperial Highness the Sovereign of the Great Prince Prince Tsesarevich. 1838 / Kankrin EF; A brief review of Russian finance, Count EF Kankrin. 1838 / Kankrin EF; Review of the former and current state of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VA Polenov. 1837 / Polenov VA; Apercu des principales transactions du Cabinet de Russie sous les regnes de Catherine II, Paul I et Alexandre I, baron FI Brunova. 1838 / Brunov FI - Copy of the RSL with a stamp: The fundamental library of the Moscow grammar school .
I. Polovtsov, Alexander Alexandrovich (1832-1909). II. Shtendman, Georgy Fedorovich (historian, 1836-1903) .1. Alexander II (Emperor of Russia, 1818 - 1881) - Education and training - Documents and materials. 2. Power (collection).
BBC 63.3 (2) 52-8
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