Proceedings of the Aginskoye Expedition. .... Issue. 2. The climate

    The Aginsk expedition (1908).
Proceedings of the Aginsk expedition: materials on the study of the Aginsk steppe of the Transbaikal region, produced in 1908 by the Chita branch of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society / Chit. separation of the Amur. ord. Imp. Rus. geogr. Islands. - Irkutsk, 1910-1913
Issue. 2: Climate / [op.] MP Grigorieva. - 1913. -49 p. : Table .. - (...; [Issue 11]). -
Contents: Temperature (p. 9-22); Hydrometeors (pp. 22-31); Clouds (pp. 31-34); Humidity of air (pp. 34-39); Atmospheric pressure and winds (pp. 39-49). - The seal and title page of the seal of the Selenga aimak Zemstvo Administration of the Transbaikal region.
I. Grigoriev, MP1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 3. Trans-Baikal Region - Expeditions - early. 20 in ..
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