Geography of Vyatka province

  Lavrentiev, Xenophane Vasilyevich      
Geography of Vyatka province: the course of motherland science for the mountains. colleges, art. offices of villages. two-class., one-class. zemsk. early. schools, church parish. shk. and ml. classes of environments. training. institutions located in Vyat. lips. : with adj. / comp. KV Lavrentyev, teacher-inspector Vyat. mountains. four-class. uch-sch. - Vyatka: Type. Maisheeva, b. Kuklin and Krasovsky, 1890. - [4], VI, 216, V p., 1 p. kart. ; 23 centimeters .
1. Kirov region: pages of history (collection). 2. Vyatka province - Geography - Educational publications for secondary schools.
BBC 63.3 (235.54)
BBK 26.89 (235.54)
BBK 63.3 (28-8Vyat)
BBK 26.89 (28-8Vyat)
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Publisher Тип. Маишеева, б. Куклина и Красовского
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