Empress Catherine II

Empress Catherine II: a collection of historical articles: Published according to the order of the curator of the Vilnius educational district, secret adviser VA Popov / ed. prep. Vilensky I gymnasium A. Turtsevich. - Vilna: Type. AG Syrkina, 1904. - VI, 471 p. ; 21 cm. - Contents: Empress Catherine II: (Biographical sketch) / FA Kudrinsky; Administrative activity of Empress Catherine II / IA Glebov; On the financial policy of Catherine II / AS Vrutsevich; Eastern policy of Empress Catherine II / E.E. Pravosudovich; Sections of Poland / FA Kudrinsky; Literary activity of Empress Catherine II / M. Kh. Sokolov; Journalistic activity of Empress Catherine II / MM Dadykin; Pedagogical views of Empress Catherine II and their influence on the reform of the spiritual school / AI Milovidov; Concerns of Empress Catherine II on the spread of education in the Polotsk and Mogilev provinces / AV Beletsky .
1. Catherine II (Imp, 1729-1796)
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